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motivate, advise & inspire

The Speakers


Amy Sins- Biz Headshot.jpg

Amy Sins


She wants to do it all - help people, teach, cook, write, publish, inspire, and travel. Through a superhuman level of energy, a deep well of empathy, and the inability to accept the word “no,” she’s accomplishing all that and more.  


Amy is the spark of energy that inspires and creates enthusiasm within her community to encourage everyone to gather around a cause or follow their own dreams.

motivate & inspire


Arwen Podesta MD

Better Communication & More Compassion

Dr. Podesta is a well-renowned speaker, and travels to teach and speak on the subjects of Addiction Medicine, Forensic Psychiatry and Integrative Psychiatry.

Dr. Podesta is board certified in psychiatry, addiction medicine, holistic & integrative medicine, and forensic psychiatry. She applies all of her training and knowledge to create a multi-disciplinary, evidence-based practice.  In

Dr. Podesta Head Shot.jpg



Allison Hotard

Network with a Smile

Allison Hotard has 13 years of event planning and fundraising experience through her work in Advancement and Alumni Engagement at Loyola University New Orleans and The University of New Orleans. She is a volunteer with several non-profits consulting on fundraising and event management.


In her spare time Allison is a Louisiana comedian. She shares her quirky perspective on bayou life and big city living. She performed at Harrah’s Casino and in Stand-Up Nola at the Joy Theater.

network with a smile


Addie Imseis

Find Solutions

Addie Melsheimer Imseis is a Partner and Senior Consultant with Smithworth Consulting. She is a registered nurse with a Masters degree in Health Policy and Systems Management.


Notable recent projects include co-writing statewide point-of-sale prescription opioid policy, revising statewide evaluation tool for Louisiana Supreme Court evaluation of Drug Courts, and

coordinating disaster relief which facilitated service of 100,000 chef-prepared, donated meals.


find solutions

be the future

Melisande Colomb- BW.jpg

Mellisande Colomb

Be the Future

TEDex Georgetown speaker. 

Mélisande's ancestors were among the 272 slaves whom Georgetown priests sold in 1838 to pay off the university’s debts. She is now a 63-year-old freshman at Georgetown, admitted through the legacy program as a descendant of the 272 enslaved people.


Now, after learning of her family's history, she feels a certain weight of responsibility being one of the first descendants enrolled at Georgetown. 

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